Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please review these frequently asked questions, with corresponding answers. Should there be additional questions after review of the following, please feel free to contact Community Management Corporation (see CA-V3) at 703-631-7200.

Q. Will all orders for resale/lender/appraiser information and all documents be ordered online?
A. Yes. The new automated system will completely replace all direct ordering via phone/fax/mail.
Q. What information will I need to order products and services as a user in the system?
A. Every user should provide a credit card (personal or corporate) so that products and services, which require pre-payment, can be ordered and delivered without delay. Please note that if a user desires to pre-pay by check ("check in advance" option), in lieu of using a credit card, the order processing will not begin until the check has been received.
Q. Will my credit card information be confidential and protected?
A. Yes.
Q. What if a user needed a "custom form" completed, such as a specific lender form, which may not match (exactly) the format of the report/form provided through the automated system?
A. Custom lender forms can be completed for an additional fee.  When ordering a Mortgage/Lender Questionnaire, please select the Custom Lender Questionnaire add-on option when placing your order should you need a custom form completed.
Q. What products or services do I need to order when completing a resale transaction?
A. The Resale Disclosure Package is designed to meet the specific requirements of the State Statutes that regulate resale disclosure for Condominium and Planned Unit Developments.