Product Descriptions

Resale Packages

(Includes all Davis-Stirling Act association related disclosures).This package is to be ordered for resale transactions. Resale packages include Age Restrictions, Annual Budget Report with Reserve Study, Articles of Incorporation, Assessment and Reserve Funding Disclosure Summary, Assessment Enforcement Policy, Builder Defects, Bylaws, CCRs, Financial Statement Review, Form 4528, Insurance Summary, Notices of Violation, Operating Rules, Pending Assessment Increases, Rental Restrictions, Settlement Notice, and a Statement of Account. Optional add-ons include a Change of Ownership Fee Disclosure, Meeting Minutes - Regular, and/or a Property Inspection Report for an additional fee(s). Financial aspects of this product may be ordered as an Update (see Updates below).

Note: Some communities may not offer CCIs, while others mandate them. When you select the community, you will only be shown the option(s) that are available for that particular community.

Statement of Account (Discontinued 02/19/2019 - see Resale Package Above)
This product is to be ordered by title companies for resale only. This statement includes all current assessment balances, active special assessments and escrow instructions. Please note that this statement is also included in the resale package above. This product may be ordered as an Update (see Updates below).

Refinance Statement of Account

This product is to be ordered during a refinance only. Not for use during resale or first time closing. Package includes an  Annual Disclosure, and a Refinance Only Statement of Account. This product may be ordered as an Update (see Updates below).

New Home-Lot / First Closing Statement

This product is to be ordered when a NEW HOME is closing for the FIRST TIME to a non-builder / non-developer owner. Package includes a New Home Statement of Account. This product may be ordered as an Update (see Updates below).

Lender Questionnaire Packages

This product is to be ordered when information is desired for a loan. Includes a standard Lender Questionnaire, Insurance Declaration,  and optional add-on documents for an additional fee per document. Add-ons include options for an Annual Disclosure, Audit, Budget, Balance Sheet and Custom Lender Form processing. (Note: Instructions for submitting the custom lender form will be displayed during shopping.) An update is available for this product that allows you to order just the Custom Lender Questionnaire if one was not ordered on the original order (see Updates below).

Covenants Compliance Inspection (CCI)

Inspection of the Home/Unit in regards to covenant compliance. This product includes a Covenants Compliance Inspection (CCI). This product may be ordered as an Update (see Updates below).

Other Documents

This product includes individual documents that can be ordered separately from the above packages. Documents available are Appraiser Report, Governing Documents, Meeting Minutes - Annual (from which minutes are available), Occupancy Report, and Realtor Report. When ordering check the box next to the document required to add to the order.

Select products may be updated for a limited time via the requestor's "Completed Orders" list using the "Order Update" option. It only appears as a button at the bottom of the order summary page while the order is still eligible for an update.
Note: Re-inspection of the unit/home for covenants compliance requires the purchase of the "Covenants Compliance Inspection (CCI)" product above; it is NOT included in an update of any other products listed above.