Product Descriptions

  1. Comprehensive Disclosure Package
    To be ordered by unit owner, purchaser, lender or their respective authorized agents (with consent of owner). Meets Tennessee's statutory disclosure requirements found in Chapter 27 of Title 66 (i.e. §66-27-503). Includes: Statement of Account with escrow instructions, Financials, Budget, Insurance information, Meeting Minutes (condos only), and Governing Documents. An optional Covenants Compliance Inspection (CCI) is also available for an additional fee (see CCI note below). Financial aspects of this product may be ordered as an Update (see
    Updates below).

Note: Some associations may not offer CCIs and/or may have adopted board resolutions that require a mandatory CCI for resale transactions. In such cases, a community may only offer a modified version of the Comprehensive Disclosure Package and/or Statement of Account that either includes a mandatory CCI or no CCI at all.


  1. Statement of Account
    This product should be ordered by Title Companies when a Comprehensive Disclosure Package has not been ordered, or when the Update permitted under the Comprehensive Disclosure Package has already been used. Includes: A detailed description of all current assessment balances and escrow instructions. An optional Covenants Compliance Inspection (CCI) is also available for an additional fee (see CCI note above). This product may be ordered as an Update (see Updates below).

  1. Refinance Only, Statement of Account
    (With consent of owner). To be ordered during a refinance only. Not for use during resale or first time closing. Includes: all current assessment balances and limited escrow instructions.


  3. New Home-Lot / First Closing Package
    To be ordered when a NEW HOME is closing for the FIRST TIME to a non-builder, non-developer owner. Includes: New Home Statement of Account / Escrow Instructions, Budget, Annual Financials, and Governing Documents.

  4. Lender / Mortgage Questionnaire
    To be ordered by Banks, Lending Institutions, Mortgage Companies and others desiring information for a loan (with consent of owner). Includes: Standard Lender Questionnaire with insurance information and Budget.  Optional documents are available for an additional fee per document. Available Add-Ons: Custom Lender Form processing.

  5. Refinance Lender Questionnaire
    To be ordered by Owners and Owners Agents, Banks, Lending Institutions and Mortgage Companies when the information required for refinancing a unit/home is not as extensive as the information provided in the Lender/Mortgage Questionnaire. Includes: Refinance Lender Questionnaire. Other documents are available as an optional add-on for an additional fee per document. Available Add-Ons: Custom Lender Form processing.


  1. Covenants Compliance Inspection (CCI)

  2. This service includes an inspection of Home/Unit in regards to covenant compliance. This service is available for Mortgage Companies / Lending Institutions (with consent of owner) and Sellers when verification of covenants compliance is desired.

  3. Other Documents

  1. This product consists of several a la carte documents that can be purchased separately from the packages described above. Documents available for selection: Governing Documents, Appraisal Information, Realtor Information, Occupancy Report and Insurance Information. A brief overview of each is provided below.

  2. Governing Documents Overview
    Included in the Comprehensive Disclosure Package, these documents are to be ordered separately when only “Governing Documents” are desired. Documents include Association By-Laws, Master Deed (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions), applicable Design Standards, and Rules & Regulations.

  3. Appraisal Information Overview
    Provides an overview of amenities, structures, parking and other information desired by appraisers. 

  4. Realtor Information Overview

  5. Provides the information desired by Real Estate professionals who are listing a property, or desire to have additional information regarding a property owners association.

  6. Occupancy Report Overview

  7. Provides a current report regarding the percentage of unit/homes in which owners have secondary addresses.

Insurance Information Overview
Provides the current insurance information as it pertains to the selected association.

    Most products offer two tiers of expedite service for an additional fee. The turnaround times and related fees can vary by product; all applicable time frames and fees are therefore displayed during shopping.


    Products that provide assessment balances generally allow an update of financial aspects of the product for a limited time. The term "financial aspects" generally refers to updated balances, assessment information and escrow instructions only. As long as an order is eligible for an update, the completed order will show the option to order an update.