Product Descriptions

Note: This page is currently under revision. Some of the product descriptions below may not reflect some changes made in the recent past. The shopping page shows accurate descriptions of each product available.

Resale Certificate Package

(Includes 64.34.425 State of Washington related disclosures and Minutes from the last 12 months of Association meetings from which minutes are available). Package includes Resale Disclosure Certificate, Statement of Account, Annual and Current Financials, Governing Documents, Budget, Insurance Declaration, and other applicable documents (e.g. Reserve Study, Additional Information, Notice(s) of Violation). This product does not include a Covenants Compliance Inspection (CCI). This product may be ordered as an Update (Update available; see note.)


Covenants Compliance Inspection (CCI)

Inspection of Home/Unit for covenants compliance. This service is available for mortgage companies, banks, lending institutions and sellers when verification regarding compliance with covenants is desired. 


Covenants Compliance Inspection Update (CCI Update)

To be ordered when EMB has previously performed a Covenants Compliance Inspection and an update is desired.


Statement of Account (aka Demand)

A detailed description of all current assessment balances and escrow instructions. This product is typically ordered when the Title Company desires a current assessment status, as well as a Covenants Compliance Inspection (CCI). Financial aspects of this product may be ordered as an Update. (Update available; see note.)


Refinance Only, Statement of Account

To be ordered during a refinance only. Not for use during resale or first time closing. Includes special (limited) Escrow Instructions. This product may be ordered as an Update. (Update available; see note.)


New Home-Lot / First Closing Statement

To be ordered when NEW HOME is closing for the FIRST TIME to a non-builder, non-developer owner. Includes Statement of Account, Escrow Instructions and other information required for first closing. This product may be ordered as an Update. (Update available; see note.)


Lender / Mortgage Questionnaire

To be ordered by banks, lending institutions, mortgage companies and others desiring information for a loan. Includes Standard Lender Questionnaire, Budget and Insurance Declaration. Custom Lender Form processing is also available for an additional fee. The Custom Lender Form can be added while placing an order for this product, or as an update to this product. (Update available; see note.)


Other Documents (NEW)

New a la carte offering that combines several individually priced optional documents in a single product offering. Documents include: Realtor Report, Appraiser Report, Occupancy Report, Governing Documents and Meeting Minutes.

Purchaser Research Package--superseded by "Other Documents (NEW)" package

Typically ordered by lenders, potential buyers or representatives of potential buyers when researching information on HUD homes or property foreclosures, with consent of owner. Package includes Realtor information, Budget, Meeting Minutes (if applicable) and Governing Documents.


Governing Documents--see "Other Documents (NEW)" package

To be ordered when only the Governing Documents are needed apart from a resale transaction. Documents include Articles of Incorporation, Association By-Laws, Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions, applicable Design Standards, and Rules & Regulations. (Note: The Governing Documents are already included in the Resale Certificate With Minutes product.)


Appraisal Report--see "Other Documents (NEW)" package

Provides an overview of amenities, structures, parking and other information desired by appraisers. 


Realtor Report--see "Other Documents (NEW)" package

Provides the information desired by Real Estate professionals who are listing a property, or desire to have additional information regarding a property owners association.


Occupancy Report--see "Other Documents (NEW)" package

Provides a current report regarding the percentage of unit/homes in which owners have secondary addresses.  


Meeting Minutes--see "Other Documents (NEW)" package

Minutes from the last 12 months of Association meetings from which minutes are available.


Select products allow a limited number of updates to be purchased at a reduced price, but only for a limited time. The “Order Update” option is only available from the Completed Orders List while an order is still eligible for an update.