Product Descriptions


(As required by 718.116.8). Includes a detailed description of all current assessment balances and escrow instructions for the address.

Lender Questionnaire (NEW)

Includes a standard Lender Questionnaire, Insurance Certification, Budget and optional add-on documents for an additional fee per document. Add-ons include a Covenants Compliance Inspection (CCI), and/or Custom Lender Questionnaire Document processing. (Note: Instructions for submitting the custom lender form will be displayed during shopping.)

Lender Questionnaire (CCI not available) (NEW)
Includes a Budget, Insurance Certification, and a standard Lender Questionnaire. For an additional fee, a Custom Lender Questionnaire Document may be added to processing. (Note: Directions regarding the submission of the external form will be presented within the ordering process.)

Foreclosure Package (NEW)
To be ordered ONLY for foreclosed properties. (Includes 718.111(12)(e) Disclosures). The package includes the Annual Disclosure, Budget, Governance form, Governing  Documents, Insurance Certificate, Questions and Answers, Realtor Report, Resale Disclosure Statement, and the W-9 Form. This product includes one free update so that the requestor can obtain the package now for listing the property and review by a potential buyer. 

New Home/First Closing Statement (NEW)
This product is intended for use when a NEW HOME is closing for the First Time to a non-builder, non-developer owner. This statement will only suffice for these types of closing and does not meet the Resale Disclosure requirements under Florida Law. The package includes a statement of account designed for first closings.

Refinance Only Certificate of Account (NEW)
This product is strictly for refinancing and is not for use as a resale or first closing statement. This package includes special (limited) Escrow Instructions on a statement specifically designed for refinance purposes. This package does not meet the Resale Disclosure requirements under Florida law. 

Loan Estimate
This product is intended for creditors preparing the "Loan Estimate" required under RESPA/TILA.
The package includes the standard Loan Estimate.

Covenants Compliance Inspection (NEW)

This service includes an exterior inspection of Home/Unit in regards to covenant compliance. This service is available when verification regarding compliance with covenants is desired.

Realtor Listing Package (NEW)
(Includes 718.111(12)(e) Disclosures). This package includes the Annual Financial Disclosure, Budget, Governing Documents, Insurance Certificate, Questions and Answers, and the Realtor Report.

Other Documents (NEW)
Individual documents available include the Annual Financial Disclosure, Appraiser Report, Governing Documents, Insurance Certification, Occupancy Report, and/or the Realtor Report. Select desired documents to add to package when shopping.

Letter of Tenancy Processing (NEW)
This product is intended for purchase by owners seeking automated processing for review and approval of a leasing application. This package includes a copy of the association Rules and Regulations with the Board Decision Letter.