Product Descriptions

Note: This page is currently under revision due to changes in our product offerings effective 07/20/20. We have combined similar products to provide more options for inspections and priority service without requiring you to place orders for separate products. This notice will be removed when the long descriptions below have been updated.

Resale Disclosure Certificate Package

To be ordered at resale by Sellers, Realtors and Title Companies. Package includes Resale Certificate, Escrow Instructions, Governing Documents, Budget, Financials, Insurance Certificate and a Welcome Package.


The Resale Disclosure Certificate Package may also be ordered with:

  •  *Covenants Compliance Inspection (WITH CCI)
  •  *Priority Service (1 -8 working hours turn-around)


Statement of Account

Includes a detailed description of all current assessment balances and escrow instructions. Typically, this product is ordered when there has been a lengthy period of time since the full Resale Disclosure Package was ordered, and the Title Company desires a current assessment status.


The Statement of Account may also be ordered with:

  •  *Covenants Compliance Inspection (WITH CCI)
  •  *Priority Service (1 -8 working hours turn-around)


Lender / Mortgage Questionnaire

To be ordered by banks, lending institutions, mortgage companies and others desiring information for a loan. Includes Lender Questionnaire, Insurance certification information, etc. Custom lender form processing available as option when ordering a lender questionnaire.


The Lender / Mortgage Questionnaire may also be ordered with:

  •  *Covenants Compliance Inspection (WITH CCI)
  •  *Priority Service (1 -8 working hours turn-around)


Refinance Only, Statement of Account
To be ordered during a refinance only. Not for use during resale or first time closing. Includes special (limited) Escrow Instructions.

New Home-Lot / First Closing Statement

To be ordered when NEW HOME is closing for the FIRST TIME to a non-builder, non-developer owner. Includes Statement of Account, Escrow Instructions and other information required for first closing.

Governing Documents

To be ordered when only the Governing Documents are needed, unrelated to a Resale Disclosure Package. Documents include Articles of Incorporation, Association By-Laws, Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions, applicable design standards, and rules & regulations.

Purchaser Research Package

Typically ordered by lenders, potential buyers or representatives of potential buyers when researching information on HUD homes or property foreclosures, with consent of owner. Package includes Realtor information, Budget and Governing Documents.


Covenants Compliance Inspection (CCI)

Inspection of Home/Unit in regards to covenant compliance. This service is available for mortgage companies, banks, lending institutions and sellers when verification regarding compliance with covenants is desired.


Updated Covenants Compliance Inspection (CCI)

To be ordered by owner/seller when a re-inspection of the unit/home to ensure violation previously noted on Covenants Compliance Inspection (CCI) has been corrected.

Appraisal Report

Provides an overview of amenities, structures, parking and other information desired by appraisers.

Realtor Report

Provides the information desired by Real Estate professionals who are listing a property, or desire to have additional information regarding a property owners association.

Occupancy Report

Provides a current report regarding the percentage of unit/homes in which owners have secondary addresses.


Select products, where indicated, offer Priority Service (and must be ordered as a separate product) for those who require their documents quicker. Turn-around time for Priority Service is 1-8 working hours. If a product doesn’t indicate Priority Service, standard processing times will apply.