Product Descriptions

Certificate of Assessment (aka Estoppel)
This product meets the statutory disclosure requirements for an estoppel in the state of Florida (ref. 718.116, 719.108 and 720.30851). It includes all current assessments, active special assessments and other required information, as well as limited escrow instructions. This product is available for purchase by the Owner/Seller, Real Estate Professionals, Seller’s Attorney and Title/Escrow Companies. (Update and Rush Service Available).

Products with Limited Availability (Select Communities Only):

Lender Questionnaire Package
This product is intended for mortgage financing and includes: standard lender questionnaire, budget and insurance certificate. It also includes an option for custom lender form processing for an additional fee.

Products and Services Not Available Yet - Coming Soon:

Resale Disclosure Package

This product is intended for resale disclosure and will include: Annual Financials, Budget, Governance Form, Governing Documents, Insurance Certificate, Questions and Answers, and a Resale Disclosure Certificate.

Refinance Only Certificate of Assessment
This product is intended for refinancing only and will include: special limited escrow instructions on a statement specifically designed for refinance purposes.

New Home-Lot/First Closing Statement

This product is intended for purchase by a Developer Representative or the Title Company/Escrow when a NEW HOME is closing for the First Time to a non-builder, non-developer owner and will include: a statement of account designed for first closings.

Covenants Compliance Inspection (CCI)

The product is intended for the buyer's protection and includes: an inspection report that exposes violations or verifies the home's/unit's compliance with covenants and restrictions.

Loan Estimate
This product is intended to provide creditors with information required for compliance with federal lending laws (RESPA/TILA).

Realtor Listing Package

This product is intended for realtors who are listing a property; it will include: annual financials, budget, governing documents, insurance certificate, questions and answers, and the realtor report.

Other Documents
Depending on market demand, this may include a la carte options for purchasing individual documents apart from the packages shown above. These would include options for: realtor report, appraiser report, occupancy report, governing documents and insurance certificate, to name a few.