Product Descriptions

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Sale Transfer (Rush Service Option)


To be ordered at resale by the title companies, realtors, sellers and/or their representatives. Package includes a Dues Status Letter with current assessment balances and escrow instructions, Governing Documents, HOA Acknowledgement Letter, and Welcome Letter. (Update Available)

Refinance Closing Letter (Rush Service Option)

To be ordered by title companies, lenders or owners during a refinance only (not for use during resale or first time closing). Package includes a Dues Status Letter with current assessment balances. (Update Available)

First Closing Letter/Builder Closing Letter (Rush Service Option)

This product is offered for two different types of closings:

1) First Closing
- to be ordered when a NEW HOME is closing for the FIRST TIME to a non-builder, non-developer owner.

2) Builder/Developer
- to be ordered when the ownership of a property is changing from the developer to a builder.
Product includes assessment balances and escrow instructions, as well as Governing Documents, an HOA Acknowledgement Letter and Welcome Letter. (Update Available)

Rush Service

All products include the option for one or more tiers of expedited service, which may vary by product. The turnaround time and cost are subject to change at any time without prior notice. For your convenience, all options and costs are displayed during the ordering process.


Update Availability

Select products allow an update to be ordered at a reduced cost, but only for a limited time. An order must be completed before it can be updated. As long as a completed order is still eligible for an update, the “Order Update” option will be accessible from the completed orders list.