Product Descriptions

Cities Management (CMM) - Long Product Descriptions Important: These products will no longer be available for purchase from this site. Please follow the link to the new marketplace ( https://marketplace.communityarchives.com)

Resale Disclosure Package
To be ordered at resale by Sellers, Owners & Owners Agents and Attorneys. Package includes Resale Disclosure Certificate pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 515B4-107 and 515A4-107, Governing Documents, Budget, Current Financials and Insurance Certificate. Financial aspects of this product may be ordered as an update.
Note: This product is NOT to be used for declarant-owned unit sales pursuant to 515B.4-102 and 515A.4-102.

Resale Disclosure Package(WI) - formerly known as "Executive Summary"

To be ordered at resale by Sellers, Owners and/or their Agents or Attorneys. Package includes information necessary for the seller to comply with 703.33(1) of the Wisconsin Statutes. Documents include the Executive Summary, Budget and Governing Documents. This product may be ordered as an update.

Dues Current Letter / Dues Current Letter (WI)
To be ordered by Title Companies during a resale transaction, if Owner has purchased Resale Disclosure Package. Dues Current Letter includes a detailed description of all current assessment balances and escrow instructions as well as a W9. This product may be ordered as an update.

Refinance Only, Statement of Account
To be ordered during a refinance only. Not for use during resale or first time closing. Includes special (limited) Escrow Instructions. This product may be ordered as an update.

New Home-Lot / First Closing Statement
To be ordered when NEW HOME is closing for the FIRST TIME to a non-builder, non-developer owner. Statement includes a detailed description of all current assessment balances, escrow instructions and other information required for first closing. This product may be ordered as an update.

Lender / Mortgage Questionnaire
To be ordered by Banks, Lending Institutions, Mortgage Companies and others desiring information for a loan. Includes a Lender Questionnaire, Financials, Budget, and Insurance Information. Optional add-ons include a Custom Lender Questionnaire for an additional fee. The Custom Lender Questionnaire may be ordered as an update.

Loan Estimate
For purchase by creditors who are preparing the "Loan Estimate" required under RESPA/TILA. Includes the Loan Estimate form.

Appraisal Package

Provides an overview of amenities, structures, parking and other information desired by appraisers. An Appraiser Report, Occupancy Report, Realtor Report and Budget are included in this package.

Other Documents (A La Carte)

This product includes the following documents available for separate purchase from the packages above:
  • Governing Documents includes Articles of Incorporation, Association Bylaws, Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions, applicable Design Standards, and Rules & Regulations combined into a single document with bookmarks for each section.
  • Appraisal Report provides overview of amenities, structures, parking, and other information desired by appraisers.
  • Realtor Information Report provides information desired by real estate professionals who are listing a property, or who desire to have additional information regarding a property owners association.
  • Occupancy Report provides a current report regarding the percentage of units/homes in which owners have a secondary addresses.

Governing Documents (A La Carte)
For those who only require a portion of the Governing Documents,the following documents are available for separate purchase:
  • Articles
  • Bylaws
  • CCRs
  • Rules, Regulations and Policies
Select products can be updated for a limited time following delivery of your order. When available, the "Order Update" option is displayed in two areas that are ONLY accessible via the "Completed Orders" list: As a green action button item below "View" and as a labeled button to the left of "Print Receipt" on the order summary page.