Marquis Association Management

Marquis Association Management is proud to announce the launch of our new automated information processing service for estoppels. This new service significantly reduces response time and increases accuracy, while allowing the user to have complete and easily retrievable transaction histories. This service was created as an alternative to acquiring information at the Association office. The only tool needed to use this new service is access to the Internet. After registering as a user, orders can be requested and completed without the need for numerous faxes, phone calls, and/or follow up. If you need assistance registering or navigating through this website, please call our Customer Service department at (800) 995-0682.

Note: Rush/Expedite Service is shown with turnaround times expressed in "business hours", which translates to a single business day for every 8 business hours. For example, turnaround within "24 business hours" is the equivalent of "3 business days".

Important: For questions related to unavailable products and/or communities, please contact the escrow department at (786) 655-5155.


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  • If you work for a company that allows different users to place orders (e.g. Title Company, Lending Institution, Real Estate Agency, Law Firm), we recommend following the instructions for registering all users under a single company. This will give your company administrator and other authorized users access to all orders placed by anyone at your company. Please refer to the Registration Instructions for additional details about Company Registration.

  • Please contact Community Archives Customer Service at 1.800.995.0682, if you have any questions about registration or if you require assistance with this website.